2013 Roundup: Our Top 10 Posts of the Year

top ten posts 2013As we look back on a fascinating year in enterprise cloud, we wanted to share our top ten blog posts from 2013 based on site traffic. Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite topics, and which ones you’d like to read more about in 2014.

#1: Four New Skills CIOs Need to be an IT-as-a-Service Provider 
For the first time, corporate IT is facing real competition. Business users are deploying increasingly sophisticated SaaS applications on their own. Read more →

#2: Amazon’s AWS Enterprise Strategy is Actually Pretty Simple
Amazon has had an intentional, purposeful strategy for the enterprise market for years, one that follows the strategy of disruption innovation to a tee. Read more →

#3: Why Many Private Cloud Projects are Failing
While survey after survey show that enterprises claim to prefer private cloud models, IT is struggling to deliver. Read more →

#4: Five Takeaways from the JP Morgan Chase PaaS Announcement
In one of the more eye-opening recent announcements in the world of enterprise cloud, JP Morgan Chase said it has migrated nearly all of its .NET and Java applications to a PaaS model. Read more →

#5: Why Cloud Requires a New Approach to IT Transformation
Many CIOs are are attempting to take a traditional, legacy approach to IT transformation that fails to account for new realities. Read more →

#6: Business Agility – How Does Cloud Computing and Big Data Help?
Using cloud computing and big data you can create smaller, more empowered teams that can iterate faster, increase tempo and generate surprising market moves. Read more →

#7: What Makes ITaaS Transformational?
When considering ITaaS transformation CIOs need to make an honest appraisal of how they’re going to compete and differentiate in IT services. Read more →

#8: Why CIOs Need Product Managers Now
CIOs need to recognize that whether they like it or not, they are now service providers that compete with vendors like Amazon and Salesforce.com. Read more →

#9: Can the Cloud, ITIL and ITSM Coexist?
Can cloud computing and the traditional ITSM framework based on ITIL play well together?  Is this a legitimate debate or a simple distraction? Read more →

#10: Why Cloud is the Service Catalog’s New Best Friend
While the high level concept of a service catalog takes on new importance in ITaaS, it needs to be updated and rethought. Read more →



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