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Leverhawk provides consulting services to help organizations drive transformation with Cloud, DevOps, and other Next Generation IT Models.  

leverageA wave of new Next Generation IT models is driving innovation and change at an unprecedented pace. At Leverhawk our belief is that the business transformation issues created by these models far outweigh the technology challenges.

Our mission is simple – to help organizations drive transformation with Cloud, DevOps and other Next Generation IT models.  We help our clients address the strategic, organizational and operational issues being created by Next Generation IT models, and help them drive the change necessary for success.  Our clients include:

Enterprises and End-User Organizations
IT executives are finding the Cloud and DevOps are changing the rules of the game for both business and IT.  The agility, flexibility and time-to-market advantages of new models are creating unprecedented opportunities to drive innovation. They’re also creating new questions for IT, including:

  • How we educate, align, and excite our organization about the business opportunities that Cloud and DevOps create?
  • How we develop a cloud strategy that is truly aligned with the business, and that enables experimentation and innovation?
  • Where and how will we “compete” against 3rd party cloud service providers?  What are our true core competencies?
  • How do we get to a “zero-infrastructure” model?  What’s a practical way we can get out of the datacenter business?
  • Do IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) operating models make sense for us?  What organizational and operational changes will be required?

Leverhawk helps clients address these issues by using an “agile” approach which is based a series of independent, standalone service modules that provide rapid time-to-value.

Service Providers
Cloud isn’t driving disruption just for the enterprise. IT hardware, software and service providers also face daunting challenges in the face of next generation models. Even Cloud Service Providers themselves face challenging questions including:

  • Where are the most attractive areas for growth in the rapidly emerging enterprise cloud market?
  • How can we differentiate our services in a crowded, competitive market landscape?
  • What organizational and operational changes are required for next generation success?
  • How do we enable and train our sales teams to effectively sell cloud and next generation services?

Leverhawk has helped leading cloud and hosting service providers, global system integrators (GSIs), and other enterprise IT hardware, software and services vendors address these challenges.

Cloud, DevOps and other Next Generation models are creating amazing opportunities to drive innovation, disruption and growth. Leverhawk is committed to helping our clients drive the transformative change necessary to capture these opportunities.

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