About Us

At Leverhawk, we think new technologies like cloud computing, big data and analytics, social networks, and mobile computing will revolutionize enterprise IT forever. These technologies are increasingly taking center stage in business strategy as enterprises seek to capitalize on their benefits to deliver digital transformation, novel customer experiences, and ultimately greater business profit.

In spite of that, enterprises consistently struggle to capitalize on the benefits these technologies offer. Indeed, Gartner says that 95% of private clouds are failing to deliver. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that approximately 60% of IT projects since the year 2000 have been unsuccessful, either failing outright and being canceled, or missing major functionality, time, or budget targets. Unfortunately, statistics like these are more the rule than the exception, with every analyst firm and consulting group reporting similar trends.

The winners in the digital transformation race will be those enterprises that get the most leverage out of these new technologies and avoid the common missteps that befall the rest of their competition. Leverhawk can help you understand how to turn these technologies into competitive advantage and ultimately greater business success. Read on, and join us!