About Mohammed Farooq

Mohammed Farooq is Founder and CEO of Gravitant Inc., (www.gravitant.com), a provider of hybrid cloud brokerage and management solutions. Prior to founding Gravitant, Mohammed was CTO for one of the largest agencies in the State of Texas, and prior to that he was an executive at Commerce One/SAP.

Why Cloud Will Restructure the Enterprise IT Services Value Chain

While working as the CTO of a Fortune 500 size organization, I always wondered what could be done to make the enterprise IT supply chain more flexible and efficient.   We constantly struggled with how we could more effectively control the IT cost curve while at the same time more quickly deliver business value and innovation. […]

The Top Three Practical Use Cases for Cloud Brokerage

In the last several months, interest in the concept of cloud brokerage has been growing and was recently punctuated by Accenture’s announced intention  to be the IT industry “cloud broker” as part of a larger $400 million cloud R&D investment.  While the concept of a cloud brokerage has been around awhile, enterprise adoption is finally catching […]