Cloud-Native Tutorial: The Microservice You Use Every Day

All the talk about cloud-native application design revolves around “microservices.” Rather than writing big, monolithic applications, the theory goes, we should make better use of the cloud and break these applications up into a set of small (“micro”) services. Ideally, these services would be reusable in a number of different contexts. Then, application design reduces to […]

Have You Mapped Your DevOps Territory?

The DevOps movement promises a lot of benefits to enterprises wanting to turbocharge their application development and delivery processes. Unfortunately, many DevOps implementation projects end up going off the rails as the team gets distracted with meaningless minutia and organizational dynamics. To keep your team from wandering into the DevOps wilderness, you need to have […]

DevOps Gold: What the Olympics Teaches Us About Agile Development and Release

This week, I spoke at DevOps Summit / Cloud Expo 2014 in New York City. The presentation was titled “DevOps Gold: What the Olympics Teaches Us About Agile Development and Release.” At the recent winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we saw athletes from all over the world striving for excellence. Some turned in the best […]

What is a Hybrid Cloud? — A Tutorial

If hybrid cars are “green cars,” what is a hybrid cloud? Can enterprises simply pick public or private and ignore hybrid alternatives, or are hybrids really the best of both worlds?

What is a Private Cloud? — A Tutorial

Many enterprises are starting their cloud computing journey with a private cloud. But what is a private cloud? Are they real or just “IT as we always knew it” ?

Business Agility: How Does Cloud Computing and Big Data Help?

How do cloud computing, big data, and other “agile” technologies improve business agility? Why, “Automation!” of course. That’s part of it, but you’re missing the biggest gains.

Video: Cloud Computing Initiative as a Google Doc

If you could compress a cloud computing initiative into a single Google Doc, this is what it might look like.

Which Cloud Service Should I Use?

Assuming you have a good knowledge of what cloud computing is all about, the next question is, “Which cloud service should I use?” The answer depends on many factors, including the size of your enterprise, what cloud characteristics are most important for you (security vs. reliability vs. cost, for instance), and whether you have developer […]

Cloud Computing Benefits and Risks

Cloud computing promises to deliver a new, modern, 21st-century IT infrastructure for your business. Before investing heavily in this technology, you need to make sure that you fully understand cloud computing benefits and risks so that you can reap the most gain while avoiding unintended consequences. Cloud Computing Benefits People cite a number of benefits […]

What is Cloud Computing? – A Tutorial

The entire information technology industry is talking about “the cloud” these days. Many businesses are asking the fundamental question, what is cloud computing? And most importantly, how can I use it to make my business more competitive and better serve my customers? If you’re struggling to understand cloud computing technologies, this tutorial will give you […]