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Ensuring that teams have a common understanding of the opportunities and challenges created by Cloud, DevOps and other Next Generation IT models is becoming mission-critical for IT and business executives alike. Leverhawk’s Education and Training services provide decision-makers and their organizations a common foundation and “vernacular” for developing transformation strategies:

IT transformationCloud Fundamentals Workshop

Leverhawk’s Cloud Fundamentals Workshop provides business and IT decision-makers a grounding in the basics of enterprise cloud computing and ITaaS models. The workshop provides an introduction to public, private and hybrid cloud models, as well as the major service providers and ecosystems. Read more →

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cloud raceDevOps Fundamentals Workshop

The Leverhawk DevOps Fundamentals Workshop helps IT leaders understand how DevOps and Continuous Delivery models can drive agility, innovation and growth. The workshop shows participants how to integrate practices such as Cloud, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Lean/Agile, and Service Design. Read more →

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ITSM cloudCloud Education and Communications Programs

Our Education and Communications programs help IT leaders to establish a common foundation for understanding the value of Cloud models. Leverhawk programs are designed to educate stakeholders on Cloud value propositions, and why transformation is important for your organization. Read more →

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Want to learn more about the basics of Cloud and Next Generation IT? Check out our free, online educational resources:

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