It’s (Still) an Android and iOS World

GigaOm is reporting that Comscore just released new numbers on mobile market share in the USA. As expected, Android remains in the top spot with more than 50% market share, spread across multiple vendors. Apple’s iOS reported in with nearly 38% market share. Android share fell 1.3 points from October, however, while iOS rose by 3.5 points. Unsurprisingly, Blackberry was the biggest share loser, with Microsoft and Symbian edging just slightly lower.

Increasingly, it’s looking like the smart phone wars are coming down to a two-horse race between Android’s open platform and iOS’s closed platform. While iOS is holding its own here in the USA, remember that these numbers don’t take into account emerging market forced. I’d expect mobile growth in emerging markets to heavily favor Android on low-priced Asian hardware.

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