Leverhawk’s New Amazon AWS Accelerator

AWS_LOGO_RGB_300pxMany enterprises we meet with are already using Amazon AWS for new web apps, websites, DevTest environments and other basic use cases. As they seek to extend usage of AWS more broadly across their organizations, these organizations face a series of new, important questions:

  • What are the highest impact production workloads we should migrate to AWS?
  • How can we integrate AWS into our service catalog and ITIL / ITSM processes?
  • How can we use AWS to build a foundation for an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) operating model?

Answering these questions is critical for enterprises seeking to leverage the benefits of AWS across their organizations, and provide users the services and capabilities they need to drive innovation and growth.

We’re excited to announce our new Amazon AWS Accelerator service offering which provides clients the processes, policies and capabilities needed to extend usage of AWS more broadly across the enterprise. The Accelerator program also provides a starting point for providing AWS services to users through a new ITaaS operating model. In a matter of weeks the Accelerator program will:

  • Identify optimal initial or additional workloads for deployment on AWS.
  • Coordinate workload migration planning and implementation.
  • Integrate Amazon into service catalog and / or ITSM processes and solutions.
  • Define support models and SLAs.
  • Define processes for provisioning, showback and chargeback.

The Amazon AWS Accelerator rapidly provides clients a foundation for delivering ITaaS models while answering critical issues around delivery and support of AWS services.  As a result of the Leverhawk AWS Accelerator program, clients will realize the following benefits:

  • Prioritized roadmap for migration of additional workloads to AWS and expected ROI impact.
  • Self-serve catalog with standard AWS offerings to accelerate business experimentation, innovation.
  • New competencies and capabilities for IT service management and delivery.
  • An operational foundation for delivering ITaaS that can be extended to additional IT services.

Interested in learning more?  Download our Amazon AWS Accelerator Services Overview, or contact us at info@leverhawk.com

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