Game on: Google Cuts Storage Price… Again

Just days after announcing a price cut to its storage service on the eve of Amazon’s re:Invent conference, Google announced further cuts in reaction to new Amazon pricing. That 10% more, bringing the total to a 30% reduction this week. From GigaOm: Said a Google spokeswoman: “In a nutshell, the prices are the lowest in […]

Nobody can “out-Windows” Microsoft

People have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft Windows — either you love it or you don’t. Like many things, objective truth probably lives somewhere between the two emotional poles. But if your enterprise is fully bought into Microsoft technologies, you probably want to go with the “real thing” whenever possible. ZDnet writes: Amazon announced on […]

Competition is good: Google Expands Cloud Platform

From the “Competition is Good” department, we have this just in from Google — reduced pricing, new features, new services, and expanded cloud service footprint around the globe:  We’re constantly making updates to our Google Cloud Platform products—Google App Engine, Cloud Storage, Big Query, Compute Engine and others—based on user feedback and to improve the […]