Who’s Up For an Ubuntu Phone?

Earlier today, Canonical announced its intent to deliver a new version of Ubuntu, targeting smartphones. To highlight some directions for 2013 and sell the concept of an Ubuntu phone, Mark Shuttleworth delivered a virtual keynote video. In the video, Shuttleworth shows off the phone UI in detail, demonstrating how users can interact with the device. […]

Top 3 Issues for the Enterprise Android App Store

I wrote about Google’s first steps toward providing an Android app store for enterprises last week. Yesterday, a random tweet highlighting the post triggered a multi-hour Twitter discussion about the suitability of Android for enterprises and some specific issues for the enterprise Android app store.

Google Delivers Enterprise App Store for Android

Yesterday, Google announced the availability of an “enterprise app store” for Google Android devices. Formally named “Google Play Private Channel for Google Apps,” the new functionality allows enterprise customers with custom Google Apps domains to create a private channel within the Google Play Android store for distributing enterprise-specific apps. The apps are seen only by […]

Apple Mobile Replay of 1980s/90s PC Wars?

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Apple was the king of the personal computer revolution. While there were other players out there like IBM, everybody knew that Apple was more innovative and cool. The famous 1984 SuperBowl commercial set the tone for Apple from that point to the present: The message was clear, Apple was […]