Learn How Enterprises Are Embracing Cloud Disruption

Saving money is nothing compared to beating your competitors to market with a better product. This is the revelation that’s rapidly taking hold in the enterprise CIO’s office. Until very recently, most enterprise IT leaders would tell you that their primary goal in moving to cloud computing was related to cost reduction, primarily through server […]

What’s the Best CPU for Cloud and Mobile? ARM vs. Intel x86

There is a battle heating up between ARM and Intel to see which processor architecture will rule in the 21st century. Intel x86 is the entrenched incumbent today, but ARM offers a distinct power advantage that may make it more attractive in the future. What’s the best CPU given the demands we see coming?

What does ARM Mean For the Future of the Cloud?

In addition to cloud computing, another recent innovation that has the potential to disrupt and dramatically reshape the traditional enterprise data center model is the ARM-based server. ARM refers to a processor architecture that has become ubiquitous in mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets.  Interestingly ARM is actually a British company that itself doesn’t […]