The Real Story Behind Cloud and Financial Transparency

Much of the discussion around cloud and financial transparency focuses on the need to expose the true cost of IT services to business users. With consumption-based pricing, business users need to understand how usage and behavior will drive costs. This requires IT finance to shift their focus from supporting an annual capex driven budgeting process […]

Join Leverhawk Writers at Interop on May 7

Dave Roberts and Scott Bils will both be speaking at Interop on Tuesday, May 7. Dave is organizing, speaking, and moderating the Enterprise Cloud Summit, Private Clouds Workshop. Scott will be doing a session titled When to Build Your Private Cloud in the Private Clouds Workshop. The workshop will include great sessions on: Cloud economics, […]

When Financial Factors Work Against the Cloud

Flexible, consumption –based pricing models in most cases make cloud services economically and financially attractive to CFOs.  The ability to get IT “off the balance sheet” through subscription-based services is seen as a big positive for cloud migration from a financial point of view.  Despite this apparent advantage, there are cases where financial factors can […]