5 Practical Steps to Getting Started With ITaaS

Many CIOs view ITaaS as an interesting theory or concept, but don’t know how to make it real given the day-to-day challenges they face. The fact is, CIOs are already being pushed towards becoming an ITaaS provider, though they may not recognize it yet as such. “Shadow IT”, private and hybrid cloud initiatives are all […]

Why CIOs Need Product Managers Now

There are two fairly indisputable facts about enterprise IT environments today: Cloud computing is here to stay – while it’s still early days, CIOs have largely moved past the question of whether SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models are enterprise ready. While there certainly are debates around suitability for particular workloads, most CIOs have accepted the […]

The Top Three Practical Use Cases for Cloud Brokerage

In the last several months, interest in the concept of cloud brokerage has been growing and was recently punctuated by Accenture’s announced intention  to be the IT industry “cloud broker” as part of a larger $400 million cloud R&D investment.  While the concept of a cloud brokerage has been around awhile, enterprise adoption is finally catching […]

Which Cloud Service Should I Use?

Assuming you have a good knowledge of what cloud computing is all about, the next question is, “Which cloud service should I use?” The answer depends on many factors, including the size of your enterprise, what cloud characteristics are most important for you (security vs. reliability vs. cost, for instance), and whether you have developer […]

Why is Cloud Integration Still an Adoption Barrier?

One of the more puzzling topics in enterprise cloud these days is the market gap that seems to exist around cloud integration.  In survey after survey, integration is named as one of the top barriers to cloud adoption in the enterprise (see here, here and here). The strange thing is that there’s no shortage of […]