Learn How Enterprises Are Embracing Cloud Disruption

Saving money is nothing compared to beating your competitors to market with a better product. This is the revelation that’s rapidly taking hold in the enterprise CIO’s office. Until very recently, most enterprise IT leaders would tell you that their primary goal in moving to cloud computing was related to cost reduction, primarily through server […]

Business Transformation Case Study – Toyota

You may recall we talked about Toyota in an earlier post about their impressive use of cloud services to drive back-office transformation.  We’d like to shift gears (pun intended) to the front-office to talk about how Toyota is using cloud to transform the customer service experience and how it engages with its customers. Toyota’s vision […]

Standardization and Simplification – The Keys to Unlocking Cloud Value

When it comes to enterprise cloud and sources of business value, the discussion typically focuses on business agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.   One of the most powerful, yet unsung ways that cloud is actually driving enterprise-class business value in practice is through standardization and simplification.  In fact some of the most compelling business cases seen […]

Business Agility: How Does Cloud Computing and Big Data Help?

How do cloud computing, big data, and other “agile” technologies improve business agility? Why, “Automation!” of course. That’s part of it, but you’re missing the biggest gains.

IT Transformation Case Study – Domino Sugar

For many enterprises the cost to operate and maintain complex ERP systems consumes a large part of the IT budget.  Given security and application performance requirements, you wouldn’t think that ERP would be on the top of the CIO’s list for cloud migration.  Domino Sugar thought otherwise, and successfully migrated their SAP ERP environment to […]

CIO and IT Transformation: IT is the New Raw Material

In the old days, the CIO was responsible for delivering IT infrastructure to increase worker productivity. Increasingly, IT is part of the products we buy, in effect, becoming a new raw material for the business. And this requires a different kind of CIO leading radical IT transformation initiatives.

IT Transformation Case Study – State Street

While many enterprises are migrating dev / test environments to the cloud, few are using cloud to drive changes in application development like State Street.

What Exactly is “Transformation”?

One of the words increasingly used in discussions around cloud, big data, mobile and social media in the enterprise is “transformation.”  Depending on who you talk to, these “next generation” technologies will transform IT, transform business, and in some cases transform entire industries. Which leads to an interesting question: what exactly is transformation?  Is it […]