Cloud-Native Tutorial: The Microservice You Use Every Day

All the talk about cloud-native application design revolves around “microservices.” Rather than writing big, monolithic applications, the theory goes, we should make better use of the cloud and break these applications up into a set of small (“micro”) services. Ideally, these services would be reusable in a number of different contexts. Then, application design reduces to […]

What is a Hybrid Cloud? — A Tutorial

If hybrid cars are “green cars,” what is a hybrid cloud? Can enterprises simply pick public or private and ignore hybrid alternatives, or are hybrids really the best of both worlds?

What is a Private Cloud? — A Tutorial

Many enterprises are starting their cloud computing journey with a private cloud. But what is a private cloud? Are they real or just “IT as we always knew it” ?

What is Cloud Computing? – A Tutorial

The entire information technology industry is talking about “the cloud” these days. Many businesses are asking the fundamental question, what is cloud computing? And most importantly, how can I use it to make my business more competitive and better serve my customers? If you’re struggling to understand cloud computing technologies, this tutorial will give you […]